MYOGROW (YK-11 Alternative)


  • Product Description

      Myostatin Inhibitor

      • Reduces your body’s natural “hurdle” to muscle growth
      • Lean size gains without water retention
      • Increase in muscular size and strength
      • Muscle hardening
      • Increase in Follistatin levels
      • Inhibition of Myostatin levels
      • No anabolic side effects
      • Possibly allow you to far surpass your body’s genetic limits on the accrual of muscle mass

      Myostatin is the chemical that keeps your body from growing too much muscle, setting an upper limit on muscle growth. YK-11 acts as a potent Myostatin inhibitor, possibly allowing for muscular development far exceeding one’s genetic potential.

      YK-11 attaches itself to the androgen receptor, inducing the muscle cells to produce more Follistatin and inhibiting Myostatin in the body. Interestingly, genetically gifted bodybuilders have been found to have very low levels of Myostatin in their bodies, which we can surmise is the reason they have such a remarkable ability to pack on muscle. This is all theoretical, but there is no denying the coincidence that the most muscular individuals seem to have the least Myostatin in their bodies. Consequently, it seems that if YK-11 can increase Follistatin as much as it is supposed to, then YK-11 could produce otherwise unattainable gains in lean muscle mass.

      YK11 does contain a methyl ester, and as you may know methylated compounds can be mildly liver toxic. Therefore it is recommended to run this compound for no longer than 8 weeks


      Dosage will vary depending on your desired outcome. While side effects should be low, it’s important to note that they are directly related to the dose. Higher doses and longer cycles will see greater testosterone suppression.

      For lean muscle growth (bulking – male only): 10 - 20mg per day for 6 - 8 weeks.

      Female bulking cycle: 5 - 7mg per day for 6 - 8 weeks.

      Male recomp: 5 - 10mg per day for 8 weeks.

      Female recomp: 2.5 - 5mg per day for 6 weeks

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